Legal Professionals

By completing a guest registry profile specific to your organization, we will notify you when your information is transferred to the live interactive system upon launch of this service. The information you enter will be transferred to a reusable template for your future use and convenience. Once system is launched, you will be able to initiate and transact your LOP business conveniently and securely. Simply enter the email address of the MSP you wish to send your LOP and submit your request. As the database populates with MSP’s, you will be able to select Medical Service Professional (MSP) willing to receive your Letter of Protection (LOP). MSP may include Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. A more comprehensive list of MSP specialties may be viewed on the medical registration page. Keep in mind that we are waiving the $250.00 membership initiation fee during the registry period.

As the database grows, you will be able to select MSP by criteria including specialty, location, and/or practitioner name. Our system does not select the MSP, rather it will offer you a choice of MSP who are willing to treat your client/patient via LOP. It is up to you and your client to select the MSP. Each MSP will require a separate LOP for every client you choose to sponsor. You may choose to set limitations to your LOP based on number of treatments or by dollar amount. Otherwise, the LOP will be valid until disposition of case. Once a MSP has been selected and an LOP has been initiated, our system will route the LOP to the MSP for acceptance. Upon acceptance by MSP, your client may then contact the MSP directly to schedule authorized medical services as necessary. You will only be charged when the MSP accepts your LOP.

Membership to our service offers unprecedented value to your practice in numerous forms. As MSP’s voluntarily populate the system, attorneys will have a growing access to a database containing MSP who have elected to subscribe to this service and are willing to accept LOP. This is the most convenient and efficient method to rapidly identify a MSP most suitable to your client’s needs therefore saving you time and money. Our system will legitimize and lend comfort to prospective MSP’s, hence they will be more apt to consider your request. Furthermore, your profile will be published in our database giving you exposure to peers or MSP who may refer patients in need of legal assistance. Our system helps you maintain comprehensive records related to your LOP. It provides you with a comprehensive system to keep track of your LOP transactions as well as communicate directly with MSP regarding status of your client. This is a pay as you go service and does not require mandatory participation. You choose when to initiate an LOP and which MSP to work with. You will be charged only when your LOP is accepted by the MSP.

Cost per LOP initiated will be $25.00 upon acceptance by the MSP. This is a pay as you go service and you will not be charged until a MSP accepts your request.