Founding Team Members

C A: Chief Compliance Officer
HIPAA expert who has assisted organizations throughout the U.S. in developing and implementing their regulatory compliance strategy. Certified PMP nationally respected leader who has been on the cutting edge of HIPAA regulations since the onset of the act. He is also a subject matter expert in the area of EHR (Electronic Health Records) experienced in assessing, recommending, converting, implementing, and training organizations on the critical and complex issue of EHR. His expertise across the nation includes medical services providers, EHR software vendors, and EHR managed services. He is a member of U.S. Health & Human Services – Standards and Interoperability Framework Committee; Texas Health Services Authority providing standards on Health Information Exchange. Earned an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology and a double BS degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University”. Personal interests include reading, music, and international travel.

R N: VP or Operations
Possesses superior command and mastery of client relationship solutions. Skilled in bridging and maintaining effortless lines of communication while safeguarding regulatory compliance, standards, policies and procedures. Ensures un-parallel attention to detail and overall quality. Responsible for overseeing continuous improvement. Most recently serving as President of Ramsell International working closely with country, state, and federal health sector officials to provide technology based mass healthcare and pharmaceutical related solutions for public welfare. His background includes “Big4” Practice Management with global experience bringing solutions to private and public sector clients. While at KPMG, he successfully led his teams to offer auditing, analysis, design, and implementation oversight of business transformation initiatives. Graduate from California State University at Hayward/East Bay with a BS in Statistics and a MBA degree from Golden Gate University. Has a passion for golf, motorcycles and European vintage cars.

T B: Intellectual Property Attorney
Experienced in patents and trademarks with emphasis on computer technology and engineering. Has performed responsibilities for national and local law firms while specializing in investigation, discovery, formation, filing, responses, and prosecution. He is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and licensed to practice in the State of Texas. University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Wesleyan School of Law alumni.

J S: Defense Litigation Attorney
Extensive experience in variety of litigation topics. An avid trial attorney specializing in criminal and family law with success in arbitration and litigation of complex cases. He is a Texas certified litigation lawyer. University of Texas and Tulsa College of Law alumni.

M L:  Project Manager
Project Manager – Skilled PMP with Fortune 500 experience commanding over 20 years of practicing at financial, legal, security, and technology consulting services industries. He is an efficient manager who is knowledgeable in the areas of enterprise systems development, distributed client services, vendor selection and partnering, software development, data center security, infrastructure security design, product implementation and support. University of Texas at Dallas alumni.

J C:  Software Architect
Software Architect – Software Engineer skilled in multi-platform web systems working with front, middle, and back end concepts. Architected and developed software for financial, security, Energy, and government sector projects. Led development efforts at organizations including, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, BP, CapGemini, and TXU.  Authored writings on the subjects of OOP and Software Development Practices. University of California at Berkley and University of Oklahoma alumni.

AJ K: Director of Quality Assurance
QA Engineer with over twenty years of progressive application and database testing background. He has led quality assurance efforts of highly automated complex systems for financial and transportation industries. Has experience in formulating and implementing testing and quality policies for local and international organizations including American Airlines and ThinkCash. University of Baghdad and the University of Arizona alumni.

J G: Director of Databases
Architect and Administrator specializing in data architecture, modeling and design of high volume critical databases focusing on SQL Servers. Keen on data warehousing and recovery efforts. Functioned for organizations including Centex / Pulte Financial Services, Centex Title & Insurance. City University of New York alumni.

M B: Technical Lead
Ph.D. in Computer Science with extensive industry experience focusing on optimizing existing automation and mobility. Serving as strategic advisor and tactical strategist to our CTO. He is also an expert on application security development who has functioned at Citigroup, Verizon, and Nokia Siemens Networks.  University of Texas at Dallas alumni.

T L: Director of Process Engineering
“Big4” management consulting services Practice Director with a scrutinizing eye for detailed business processes. Has amassed a broad range of methodologies and “best practices” knowledge while developing a savvy instinct in the areas of banking, finance, and security sensitive environments.  Organized and functioned as PMO for organizations including Bank of America, KPMG, and CapitalOne. California State University at L.A. alumni.

G C: Director of Marketing
Strategic and creative professional with the ability to think and react at the macro and micro levels. Responsible for user interface design, brand image and recognition. Practiced his trade at industries including health care, insurance, law enforcement, broadcasting, security, and banking. Companies benefiting from his gifted abilities include Gatorade, Pepsico Brands, Frito Lay, Quaker Foods, Merrill Lynch, TPN (division of OmniCorp.) and Bank of America. Kent State University and the University of North Texas alumni.

B B:  Consulting Enterprise Architect
Twenty years of designing and building diversified mission critical technology platforms for Fortune 100 organizations. Expertise in providing guidance and strategic road maps for architecture, methodologies and standards, in distributed high availability environments. Performed services for Raytheon, HP, IBM, Kodak Health Imaging Systems, Southwest Airlines, and Fidelity Investments. USC and UCLA alumni.

D B: Sales & Marketing
Skilled practice director with fifteen years of business development and marketing experience including solution sales for national and global organizations. Functioned for Sabre Holdings, eEye Digital Security, and McAfee. Texas A&M University alumni.

R L: Sales & Marketing 
Sales and solution delivery leader with over ten years of consultative sales in the managed services arena. Worked with national organizations including Hewlett Packard, Sarcom, MicroAge, and CompuCom. University of Oklahoma alumni.

M D: Training and Customer Support Manager
Professional in the software and pharmaceutical industry. Her keen skills include troubleshooting and simplification of applications used by external and internal customers. Approximately ten years of experience testing, troubleshooting, training, and supporting multiple applications for users including physicians, hospitals, as well as wholesale and retail pharmacies. Organizations performed for include Computer Associates, Platinum Technologies, PDX Pharmaceuticals, HCA Medical Center, and Eckerd. University of North Texas alumni.

E S: Support Specialist
System Admin with over eight years of experience supporting clients on a variety of network environments. Skilled with the art of providing critical user support and resolving web related issues. Provided support for organizations such as Prova Group, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams, and New Orleans Saints. DeVry Institute of Technology alumni.

E LP: Lead Developer
Experienced programmer analyst with an array of design, development and implementation experience in the areas of web and mobile access. Industries served include insurance, financial, pharmaceutical, consulting, and engineering. Performed for organizations such as Computer Associates, HP, TransAmerica Life Insurance, Merck and Xerox. AMA University in the Philippines alumni.

W B: Web Applications Developer
As co-founder of one of the nation’s fastest growing Human Resources cloud computing services companies, he brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the area of process delivery and automation. He is currently President and COO of an organization ranked No. 23 on Forbes’ annual list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Offers in depth strategies in the development of service models for organization, while ensuring quality optimization and outsourcing efficiency. Oversees service delivery including HRMS implementations, professional services and operations. In addition, he has devoted more than 17 years of leadership experience with the U.S. Army, including active and reserve duty, attaining the rank of Major. Served 12 months in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served on the Board of Directors of the Fort Worth Human Resources Management Association as the Vice President of Professional Development. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Louisiana Tech University.

C M: Sr. Developer/Analyst
Specialist in web applications with twenty two years of progressive experience including legacy systems, e-Commerce, ERP, as well as financial and accounting environments. Performed at companies including Ericsson, Raytheon, and AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange). University of Texas at Arlington alumni.

D D: Web Infrastructure Architect
ExtensGlobal experience working in operational 24×7 production environments ensuring seamless best practices, capacity and load planning, Disaster Recovery strategies, and enterprise security parameters. Thrives on functioning at the highest levels of industry standards (CMM5). Accomplished solutions for industries including financial, trading, and managed services. Performed for global leaders such as Hewlett Packard, EDS, and Oracle Corporation. Indian Institute of Technology alumni.

R L: Solution Architect
With over twenty five years in the Information Technology field, he has architected and led development for telecommunications, financial, retail, medical, warehousing, and consulting companies. Specialist in engineering and implementing solutions, establishing standards, migration of data and software platforms, and automating manual processes. Responsible for solutions at Verizon, JC Penny, Sprint, and DoD. Auburn University alumni.

T J: Software Engineer
Consummate programmer with eighteen years of coding experience capable at the algorithm and kernel level. Specialties include design and development of critical and very complex real-time embedded distributed software. Led application development for projects including distribution automation, logistics, provisioning, mobile devices, and touchscreens. Performed for organizations such as Texas Instruments, Siemens Automation, Rockwell Collins, USAA Insurance, and Raytheon. Florida State University alumni.