Medical Professionals

Medical Service Professional (MSP) may include Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. A more comprehensive list of MSP specialties may be viewed on the medical registration page. By completing a guest registry specific to your organization, we will notify you when your information is transferred to the live interactive system upon launch of this service. The information you enter will be transferred to a reusable template for your future use and convenience. Once system is launched, you will be able to receive and select LOP (Letter of Protection) initiated and sent specifically to you by attorneys. Keep in mind that we are waiving the $250.00 membership initiation fee during the registry period.

The LOP you receive will contain pertinent information including name of attorney and contact info, name of patient and contact info. Each patient you elect to accept will have a separate LOP. Only you can decide whether to accept or decline an LOP. The LOP will be valid until disposition of case, unless otherwise indicated by attorney. Once you have accepted a LOP through our system, the attorney will notify patient to contact you directly in order to schedule necessary medical services.

Membership to our service offers unprecedented value to your practice in numerous forms. Your practice will be made visible to attorneys who have subscribed to this service and are seeking medical treatment for their clients with bodily injuries. This is the most convenient and efficient method to rapidly receive a LOP therefore increasing patient traffic for your practice. Providentis is the only known service that offers standardization of the process and automation of LOP. Most importantly, Providentis is the only service that offers you direct channel of communication via our system in order to inquire as to the status of the case while maintaining a comprehensive log of communication with respective attorney. The ease of using our system will also prove to be cost effective in decreasing administrative time management of your LOP related business. This is a pay as you go service and does not require mandatory participation. You choose when to accept or decline a LOP and which attorney(s) to work with. You will be charged only when the LOP is accepted by you.

Cost per LOP upon acceptance by the MSP is only $25.00. This is a pay as you go service and you will not be charges until you accept the request from Attorney.